I'll admit, it's been a long time coming, but it's here. CareerCup has finally launched. Yes, that means good-bye to It's been fun, but we had to say goodbye to it someday - too much stuff up there, and it just didn't scale :-(.

CareerCup is even bigger and better. Here are just a few of the things it can do:

  • Technical Interview Questions: Yep, all the same questions - and responses are there from before!
  • Grouping by Categories: Questions can now be tagged as "Coding", "Algorithms", etc. This helps you more efficiently find relevant questions.
  • General Questions and Comments: There's now a section just for all the general comments (or questions) about someone's experience
  • Shout-Outs for Help: No more adding a comment just to say "can someone help me?" Instead, click the "Shout-out for Help" link next to any question and the question will be added to a special Shout-Outs for Help Page
  • Question of the Day: Each day, one question will be advertised as the Question of the Day. See a question you think would be a good match for that? You can click to suggest it for Question of the Day
  • Add a Question: Instead of having to add your questions all at once (which I think confused people), you now just add a single question (but you can add as many as you want
  • Message Board: A messageboard for all your general thoughts or questions (What are the best courses to take in college to get a job? How can you improve your resume?, etc)
  • Blog: What site would be complete without a blog? Right now I've dispensed a few pieces of advice on it: how to prepare a resume, and how to decline offers politely. Got something you want to write? Let me know!
  • Job Search: Employers can post their job descriptions, and you can post your resume.
  • User Accounts: You can now register an account which allows you to do all sorts of things. Employers can contact you, you can post your resume, etc. We even show stats about how much people have liked your questions and comments, to show off just how smart you are!
  • Rate Questions: You can now rate questions as "Love It!" or "Hate It!" (or mark something as spam).
  • Send Mail: You can send private mail to users. This will also be a way for employers to contact you.
  • Favorites: Track your favorite questions with the click of a button, and receive an email whenever someone comments on them.

I think this is a great improvement over the old site in many ways, but I know it's far from perfect. Play around with it and let me know what you think by reporting bugs. I especially want to hear from those who were familiar with and think that that site (even if in some small, minute way) was better.

Happy Interviewing!