CareerCup - New Features!


First of all let me thank everyone who's helped out by reporting bugs, issues and feature requests on CareerCup. Your feedback - both positive and negative - helps to make CareerCup better.

CareerCup is your source for interviewing and finding a job. Browse technical interview questions from major companies and find out directly from candidates what it was like. CareerCup also provides resume tips, interview tips, and other suggestions to help you find your dream job. You can post your resume and see companies like Google that are hiring.

The new changes to CareerCup help you stay more up-to-date with today's questions. Specifically, I added:

  • RSS Feeds listing the question of the day and the ten most recently added questions.
  • A Google Module that you can add to your personalized homepage.
  • In addition to grouping the interview questions by company or category, you can also sort them by date
  • A feature to invite your friends to CareerCup or to email them a question

Want your favorite feature to be implemented? Tell me about it here!