One developer's experience (successfully) interviewing with Google India

This is a very nice write-up of a Google interview. For the most part, his analysis of the interview is totally accurate. Read it here. There are a few things incorrect, though, that I should clear up:

  • "No positions for Java programmers". There are lots of positions for java programmers. But, if you see yourself as that, you may not be a good fit for Google. Google wants scientists, not trade programmers.
  • "Same kind of numbness". I don't think is a "strategy" of the interviewers - more likely it's just their personality. What would expect - jumping for joy if you get a great answer? There's really little excitement with a great candidate because they've asked these questions dozens of times. Nor are they going to show frustration.

That said, there's nothing special or magic about a Google interview. Google asks the same kinds of questions as all the other top firms. Programming interview prep is universal (easier for you!).