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Since everything is best in rhyming form, I will open this with a poem from an anonymous (and awesome) reader:
If you've ever wondered how to navigate the Amazon forest,
Or pondered how at a Google or Microsoft interview to do your best;
If you think that being at Apple means biting more than you can chew.
Then sit back, relax, and say, "Yahoo!"
For the fifth Edition of Cracking the Coding Interview,
Is on well on its way to being out, so, "Phew!"
Countless hours have been poured into the book,
The new version is much-improved, so pray, take a look.
One five zero problems and tons of useful advice,
On how to, in the technical hot seat, be like ice.
Folks, from the author of The Google Resume,
Comes another gem this Fall your way!
So if arrays have you feeling out of bounds,
And you're pointedly null on how "linked list" sounds
If  your worst character is brought out by strings
And recursion, tears to your eyes, repeatedly brings.
If trees and graphs along with stacks and queues
Push you to the edge, make you pop, or perturb your views
And bit manipulations along with the byte-sized brain-teaser,
Have your brain locked up - like it's in the freezer,
Then ladies and gents do pickup this hot paperback,
For it's sure to thaw you and put you on the right study track!

Yep, that's right. The long awaited Cracking the Coding Interview v5 is almost out. And we're going to be giving out a limited number of free, signed copies to lucky readers.

Want to snag your copy? Enter here for your chance to win a copy.

What's Changed?

To be succinct, a lot! This is not your "I want people to buy a new copy, so I'll make a few quick changes and call it a new edition" sort of thing. This is a totally re-written, much expanded, new edition.

  • Grown to 506 pages in v5, up from 308 pages in v4. (And no, I didn't pull the ol' college make-the-margins-bigger trick.) The images on the right are not to scale. :)
  • Much expanded sections on resume design, interview prep, behavioral prep, mastering technical questions.
  • More complete sections introducing each chapter.
  • 24 new questions.
  • Plus, many many additional / alternative / rewritten solutions.

The focus of the book is still Software Engineering interview prep. If you're looking for a more general start-to-end guide to getting a job at a tech company, check out my second book: The Google Resume: How to Prepare for a Career and Land a Job at Apple, Microsoft, Google, or any Top Tech Company.

Enter here for a free, signed copy of Cracking the Coding Interview.