Why I left Google

Yes, folks, it's true. April 11th, almost three years after my first day as a Googler (or "Noogler"), was my last day. Did I hate it? Did something go horribly wrong? Did the company completely change? No no, nothing like that.

I loved Google. It's a fantastic company, particularly for engineers. You're driving the products, it's growing quickly, and you get to solve challenging problems all the time. I learned a ton and I'm really glad I had that experience.

But, with three years at Google and four internships between Microsoft and Apple, the experience I'm missing is a startup.

With that said, let me answer some questions:

Q: So, now that you're not there, you can tell me what you were working on, right?

No, silly, that's not how NDAs work! :-) I'll let you know when it ships though.

Q: Well, what are you doing now?

At this very moment? Sitting in a hotel room in Buenos Aires. I'll be in Buenos Aires for the next three months, learning Spanish, drinking wine, eating good food, and playing around with some startup ideas. I'll be back in Seattle on August 1 and I'll eventually join a startup.

Got suggestions about what to do in Buenos Aires? Let me know!

Q: What startup will you be joining?

I'm not sure. Since I wanted to travel for a few months, I really had to do that first and then look once I get back to Seattle.

But... if you have suggestions, here's what I'm looking for:

  • Project management / business role at a small company, or development for a startup
  • Seattle based (or allow me to work remotely). I like Seattle and I'm not planning on leaving anytime soon.
  • Ideally consumer or mobile apps, but I'm open to other ideas.

Coming soon -- Fun stories from Google: Pink Princess and the Annoyatron :-).