Lock Your Doors: Wear Conservative Clothing

I've heard this argument before - that women who wear revealing clothing are "asking" to be raped or assaulted. That doesn't necessarily mean that the women deserve it, or that they're glad it happened to the women. Instead, they argue that dressing too sexy is like leaving your doors unlocked - you don't deserve to be robbed, but it doesn't mean you weren't being stupid.

The Daily Mail confirms that people do indeed think this.

If the woman was wearing sexy or revealing clothing, 6pc said she was totally responsible and 20pc said she was partially responsible.

If the woman behaved in a flirtatious manner, 6pc said she was totally responsible and 28pc said she was partially responsible.

Men, incidentally, blame women slightly higher than other women do. I'm not sure if this is surprising or not, as (in my experience) women are often more judgmental than men about other women.

In each of these scenarios a slightly greater proportion of men than women held these views - except when it came to being drunk, when it was equal.

Something about this idea of calling women partially responsible bothers me. If a woman is partially responsible for being raped, does this make the rapist less responsible? I would hope no one's actually suggesting that.

So, should women "lock their doors" so as to not be "asking" for it?

Several studies contradict this conclusion and suggest that women who dress sexy are actually less likely to be raped:

The men were then asked to evaluate which of the two women he would prefer to approach to do something she did not want to do. The men picked the submissive woman. These researchers also evaluated the differences in non-verbal cues between dominant and submissive women. They found that the submissive women generally gestured with less expansive movements and wore more body concealing clothing than dominant women.

Submissive women are more likely to be raped, and submissive women are less likely to wear revealing clothing. Who knew...

Robbery is about easy money, so that's why we don't walk around with a wad of cash on the street. That's why we lock our doors.

Rape, on the other hand, isn't about lust - it's about power, dominance and violence. "Locking your doors" doesn't make you any less likely to be a victim.