Bye-Bye Intern 1!

Yesterday was my intern's last day, and we took Julia out for an amazing sushi lunch (so... much... sushi...) to say goodbye.

She did a great job this summer on all three projects. The first two I can't talk about unfortunately because it's a confidential project - but I can provide a detailed look into the third project.

At Google, we believe that interns should learn as much as possible during their internship. We've given Julia such as opportunity and we even offered that she can continue her third project into the school year. As a parting gift, we gave her a personalized present that provides her everything she needs for this project.

The Google Code Blog discusses her work on a project called Geozette. Julia's team implemented this as a part of a distributed computing course. You'll be hearing more about this course next winter, when I'll be taking over as instructor (yay 20% projects!).