About a year ago, I put up a page of the technical interview questions I had been asked, which shortly found its way to . It's grown a lot since then, with new questions from friends and helpful readers. I've gotten a lot of great feedback about the site, and I'm pleased to say that I will be moving the page onto its own url which it rightfully deserves: is up and running, but I think it still has a little ways to go before I feel comfortable redirecting traffic over there. To get there, I'd like to know: what do you think?

Here's what's different about the new site

  • Improved organization: Instead of throwing all the content up on one page, it's broken up across multiple pages. As we get more questions, this'll help it scale more.
  • Grouping by Question Type: Now, you can view just the coding questions, just the algorithm questions, etc
  • Message Board: A message board / forum for asking questions about the job search process.
  • Blog: Only two entries right now, but more to come! (Want me to write about something? Let me know)
  • Shout-outs for Help: A link you can click that'll flag this question as needing help. This'll advertise to people that this is a tough question and someone wants some hints
  • Question of the Day: Each day, one question will be advertised as the Question of the Day. See a question you think would be a good match for that? You can click to suggest it for Question of the Day
  • Add a Question: Previously, you could only add questions in bulk. Now, you can add a single question. I hope that this'll encourage more people to add questions, but it may take away value in that you can't see all the questions that someone got in a particular interview. What do you think? Is this a good move?
  • BlackBoxJobs: The name is a reference to this idea of "Black Box" where you can't see what's inside. I'll be honest - I'm not thrilled with the name. Got any ideas for a different name? (It would, of course, needs its own .com address - that's my main criteria). Seriously, any ideas for other names?

So, lots of changes. Please, check out the site and let me know what you think. How is it better / worse than the previous site? Any new features that you'd love to see? Any and all feedback is welcomed :-)