Ask Gayle: What do delays mean?

Gayle: I interviewed with a company two weeks ago, and they haven't notified me of a decision.  I even tried emailing the recruiter - no response.  Does this mean I'm rejected?

~ Sanjiv, New York

In one word: no.  After you interview with a company, they will always tell you if you're rejected or not.

Delays can happen for many reasons, good, bad and neutral:

  • They are going to give you an offer, but would like to have all their paperwork together.
  • They prefer another candidate, but are waiting for her to make a decision.  You are their second choice.
  • The team is being "reorg'd" and the current headcount is unclear.
  • Your recruiter went on vacation.
  • The recruiting team is being reorg.
  • You have a bad / lazy recruiter.
  • One of the many people you interviewed with is slow about entering feedback.

Hang tight - they'll tell you, eventually.  In the meantime, feel free to politely email or phone your recruiter every several days to check in.

Good luck!