On Forbes -- The Most Common Mistakes In Writing a Resume For Tech Companies

Bad resumes are something of a pet peeve of mine. They make or break your chances of getting an interview with a company. They're not even that hard to do well. And yet, on a nearly daily basis, I see terrible resumes. 17 page resumes (seriously!). Resumes where it's not until the second or third page that you discover that they're working for Microsoft (Come on, people! That's a selling point!). Resumes where people fail to mention that they, say, founded a company (again -- seriously?!?). Grr. In thinking about your resume, it’s important to remember how resumes are reviewed. Resumes are not read; they are skimmed for about 15 seconds. Let me say it again: resume screeners do not read your entire resume.

My article "What Are Common Mistakes That Applicants Make When Writing Their Resumes For Tech Companies?" has been posted to Forbes.

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