PeopleOfWalmart launches with EmptySpaceAds!

If you haven't checked out PeopleOfWalmart yet, you're in for a treat. Pages of entertainment from America's classiest individuals (yes, mother of mullet-baby, I'm speaking to you).

One of my favorite websites just got a little bit better: it just launched EmptySpaceAds! Move your mouse to the margins of the page and you'll see the new ads come up.

EmptySpaceAds is the same start-up I was working for before I left to go back to school, so it's really exciting for me to see this development.

Now, I know ads aren't exactly exciting for most people - who likes 'em? They replace regular content and get in your way as a result. That's why EmptySpaceAds is so great - it's in the margins, so it won't replace any "real" content, and it doesn't get in your way like many pop-up ads.

For publishers, it offers similar benefits. You can increase the number ads you show on a page (and therefore your revenue), or you can replace your ad units with EmptySpaceAds. Either way, you'll see a boost in your revenue. And, best of all - you don't have to sacrifice content that brings customers to your page.

Check them out at: and