New! Affiliate Program for CareerCup

Good news bloggers and website owners!  CareerCup has just launched its new affiliate program.  CareerCup's affiliate programs allows website owners to post a link / ad for CareerCup's interview guide and, in return, collect some of the revenue from any sale.  Best of all, it's super-easy to use!

We offer two designs: Horizontal (example) and Vertical (example)
Preliminary tests have shown that it far outperforms Google Adsense ads.  Want in on the action?  Great!  Follow these instructions, or just tweak this code:
<SCRIPT type="text/javascript" src=""></SCRIPT>
<SCRIPT type="text/javascript">
var cc_width = 650;
var cc_font_size = 12;
var cc_header_font_size = 14;
var cc_background = '#FFFFFF';
var cc_header_color = '#009193';
var cc_guarantee_color = '#FF0000';
var cc_link_color = '#009193';
var cc_type = 'horizontal';
writeAffiliateCode('', '1');

When you've got it up and running, email me your name, paypal account, and url.  You'll get a 20% cut of the revenue and will be paid each month.