PictureMash: Smart Sorting for All Your Pics

While I can't exactly call myself an avid photographer - as I have zero skill in this art form - I do have a lot of photo albums. I call it the "quantity over quality approach." Unfortunately, when I want to look up, say, pictures from my Microsoft internship in 2003, it's a mess. Picasa throws all your albums in one ginormous list, making it difficult to track down the right pictures. That's why I created PictureMash.

PictureMash lets you do the following (or go see my account for an example):

  • Group albums logically - and automatically - by time into "Smart Folders"
    For example, I created a "Smart Folder" called Microsoft Internship 2003 which contains all albums between May 2003 and August 2003. I don't have to put the albums in there manually - I just give PictureMash the date range I want, and it does its thing. And, I can even group my smart folders, allowing me to tuck away all my college pictures into one master folder.
  • Merge Picasa and Flickr albums
    If you're like, well, many people, you may have used both Picasa and Flickr albums. PictureMash puts them all into one seamless list.
  • Add tags and related links
    When I go to a party or event, I'm usually not the only one taking pictures. With PictureMash, I can add links to my friend's pictures too, right next to my album. This way, when I'm looking up pictures from Seattle Anti-Freeze's Roller Disco party, I remember to look at Ming Li's pictures too.
  • Create one feed for all your friends
    Another fun use case for PictureMash: I can create a "group" account and add my friends' pictures to this account. When I move across the country next month, I'll be able to reference this account to see what's going on with my Seattle friends.

And remember: you don't have to re-upload anything. All your pictures are still stored on Picasa or Flickr!

Go check out PictureMash and let me know what you think. It's all free and super easy to use, so enjoy!