Google and Open Source - and my crowded office

So about a month ago, this guy walks into my office and actually starts to do "work." It was my office first, dammit. I've been wondering who this guy he is thinking that he can just destroy my nice, peaceful, solitary office. Turns out that he's Sean Egan, the lead developer on gaim . Yeah, like that makes it ok.

What's he doing at Google? Mostly ping pong, some foosball, and occasionally he's doing some work on integrating voice into Gaim. Well, at least he's good in one of those three areas. ;-)

Speaking of open source goodness, Adium 0.85 just launched and it includes some work that I did to make it as easy as possible for users to use Google Talk from other clients. Now, I ask you - how many companies would actually encourage employees to spend their time helping third-party clients as opposed to trying to break them?

Once again, Google has re-affirmed its commitment to open source.

Oh, and this also means that I have had code from both Google and Apple (iChat) ship before my code at Microsoft... despite having been at Microsoft first. (Sorry, I just can't resist making little cracks about microsoft sometimes).