I think I shall coin a new term: "Googlage." A 'Googlage' is a Google query term that leads you to a particular website. To be reasonably called a 'Googlage,' the page in question should be listed on the first page of results. From there, you have Level 1, 2, ... Googlages, which refer to the ranking of the results.

Now that we have the definition covered, I've been trying to find my favorite Googlage for my site. The best one I've found so far is talk to gayle, although google gayle has a nice alliteration to it. I'm still trying to find a good one that doesn't have my name in it. C# LaTeX Render used to be a Level 4 Googlage (which was interesting when I just happened to stumble across my own resume in a search), but sadly, it has falled down to Level 9.

Anyone find any good googlages?